Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Air Photos Jakarta (Batavia) in Period of Colonialism

Colonialism Period. Nearly 350 years Indonesia life in colonialism period. Gold, Glory, Gospel theory is one of the reasons why colonial country will attack an other country. Dutch is one of the colonial nation which use this theory for separate their power to the world. They come to poor country with good reason for their future promise, but the fact, they only deplete the asset owned by the state which they attack. 
Batavia or Jakarta today, was the central of activity they did colonialism in Indonesia. This the pictures or photo, take from the air in period of colonialism in Indonesia.
S.S. Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Photo of Tandjoengpriok, Batavia Port, Java 1937
Batavia (Old Town), Air Photo from "Balai Kota" 1900-1940
The Center of Batavia 1900-1940
Batavia, Besar River 1900-1940
Batavia Royal Station 1940
Center of Batavia 1900-1940

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