Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drawstring Purse - Detailing Needed

I've finished my first Christmas project - almost. It's a drawstring purse, a very simple design made from a Burda tutorial (it was on their old English site, before they merged with Burdastyle.I'm pretty happy with the outcome, how the purse looks and I'm pleased with how the handles came out, they are pretty sturdy for being so thin, it comes from the fact that the fabric is folded four times. I'm not happy with the ribbon I bought for the drawstring, I think it overtakes too much. They are at the moment quite long and will be shorter either way, but I'm not sure I would like them anyway, they shine too much.

So I'm left with a few questions (ah, it's a great thing I joined this blog). Should I use black ribbon or perhaps a burgundy to better match the flowers in the purse? Should I try and make some out of the fabric? However the fabric is a china satin and frays a lot and gets very thick if layered, which was what worked great for the handles. It's not something I need to focus on right now, but I need to figure this out before Christmas at least.

I'm also thinking about adding a detail. The original pattern had a flower, I'm thinking either that or a bow, a flat bow made out of the fabric. It's true what they say, the last 5% of a creation - the details - is what matters most.

I will make another purse out of the same pattern (it's simple and if anyone's interested I can share the basics). It will probably be quick since I've already made one. Well, quick until I get to the same point as this one and need to worry about the details.

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