Monday, October 25, 2010

Felt flower cushion

My boyfriend's mum has redecorated her bedroom and has gone with a white and gold theme, so I thought a good present for her would be something gold/yellow.  I had some yellow felt and since she's such a keen gardener I thought a scatter cushion with a felt flower on it would be perfect.  Since she's a clean freak I put the flower on a brooch back so that she can remove it when she wants to wash the cover, I thought that bit was ingenious!

The cover is just cotton one continuous length all edges hemmed and then the short edges overlapping in the middle, another words an envelope cover.  The flower is a ye-olde favourite of mine to make with a bit of extra detail.  I cut an oval of felt and sewed thin strips of felt in the centre to represent the stamen.  Then cut lots of petal shapes in different sizes and sewed them on around the stamen small to big as I went out and then attached a brooch pin to the back and hey presto!  I'm done!

I'm thinking if she gets bored of the colour scheme at least she's got a pretty brooch.

Speaking of felt and brooches, as I was on a roll I decided to try my hand at a different design.  I'm really happy with the result and love the colour, so think these are going to make it to the present list for everyone!

I made this by cutting nine strips of felt about 2cm in diameter and then looping each strip four times and stitching to keep in place.  Arrange them so they look like a bloom and stitch each set of loops together, once that's done attach an oval of felt to cover all the ends and stitches and to attach a brooch back to it.  I fell in love with this one so much I had to put it on my kermit green raincoat this morning, it certainly brightened up my day!

Apologies no step by step photos, I tend to make things on the spare of the moment but will try harder next time as know I'm going to be making lots of these.

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