Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello crafty people!

Hello one and all. My name is Lauren and I am a craft addict. I am sadly lacking in women, children and craft loving men to make for this year, but I am planning to make a lot of my decorations myself. I've just bought the materials needed for my door wreath and some tree decorations, I'm planning a small cross stitch sampler for the kitchen, and I think I might make a lovely fairy for our tree too - all of which I'll be happy to share with you lovely people.

Gift wise, I'm planning to make a patchwork topper for my Nan to keep her legs warm when she's sitting down. I've not done any patchworking before, so it'll be a bit of an experiment but it's going to be small so I'm not too scared! I'm also planning some padded hangers for by Brother in Law's girlfriend, and still need to think of something for my Mother in Law, but I'm a bit lacking in ideas so far...

My main source of inspiration so far is Martha Stewart's Encyclopaedia of Crafts (I'm very tempted by her new encyclopaedia of fabric crafts) and her whole website...
I've also just ordered several crafting books through the library. I always buy these books and then find I only want to make 1 thing in them, so this year I'm going to try before I buy!

I'm also attending a class to make a patchwork table runner for Christmas, and a 'Homemade Christmas' day which I'll try to get photos of. Very excited about all the lovely things I've seen so far on here and can't wait to contribute myself!

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