Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Excited to be here!

Hi all, Laurel here, from House Full of Monkeys!
Excited to be part of the group. Hope to give out as many ideas as I steal, but I can't promise anything.
I've been a seamstress and crafter for ages. As my profile says, I sew, I knit, I crochet, I weave baskets...etc. If it's crafty, I've probably done it, yet it seems I learn new stuff all the time, too.

For sure, my Twins will be getting pyjama bottoms, and I generally help mom out with making them for the rest of my extended family, too. I actually have a few secrets I can share in that department. When you've made as many as I have, you figure out all kinds of shortcuts.

For my knit/crochet group, I'll be making some beaded stitch markers.

For my book club, I like to do something related to reading, like a bookmark or book cover. Haven't found the perfect idea yet this year, but I'm looking.

For neighbors and friends, homemade goodies are generally part of the equation.

Haven't thought much beyond that yet, but I'm sure the ideas will come once I get going.

Can't wait to see what you all get up to!

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