Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amigurumi beer!

My boyfriend jokingly complained that I (being a tea lover) had a teacup tree ornament, but he (being a beer lover) didn't have a beer tree ornament. So, without him knowing, I have worked to rectify this situation. That's right, I crocheted a little amigurumi beer glass for him to hang on the tree.

I started at the top, crocheting in white spiral to create the top of the glass.

Then I formed the body of the glass, and changed into yellow so that the glass would be full of beer. I then stuffed it before stitching on another spiral - crocheted piece for the bottom of the glass.

Now just to put a happy face on him and he's all done! Happy little Christmas beer.

If anyone would like the crochet pattern for this little guy, just let me know.



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