Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vintage-Look Christmas Mittens

Although I've had really good intentions about doing crafty christmas gifts, this might be the only one I get done! That's OK though, because I feel super satisfied about getting these ones done.
I originally decided to make them after seeing the yarn Amazing by Lion Brand, specifically the Ruby colorway to be careful not to pick a skein where the colors are muddied. Love it, although you have Unfortunately, I started them in September and didn't finish them until the day after Thanksgiving, due to problems with the pattern (which you can get for free on Ravelry). Having never knit mittens before, I didn't realize that the lengths given for where to start the thumb, and the total length were all wrong for a normal adult-size hand.
So, besides fixing some mistakes on my own I had to  re-do the first mitten several times. Frustration mounted, but I persisted. Of course, I was an expert by the time I got to the second one, and now I can't wait until I have free time to make my own pair, maybe with a fleur-de-lis designed into the top. The best part is they have a nice, rustic, vintage look to them, which will be made even more so when the mitten clips I ordered are delivered.
All in all, they're an A+ pair of mittens and if you're an intermediate knitter, they're make a quick (well, it would still take me about 2 weeks to make another pair) and easy gift.

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