Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Knickers!

I'll be honest, I attempted to make a pair of knickers from a pattern I had made in tutorial #1. They weren't great.  I thought they were so hateful, they went straight in the bin! The fabric was all wrong, it didn't compliment the lace, and I hadn't thought through what I needed to do before I dived in.

I did stick with it to the end though, and learnt some handy lessons for this attempt! I used different fabric, different lace and all in all I'm happy with my first second attempt. Plus, I can only improve with practice and I definately intend to make more! It's a fun, quick and satisfying project. Once I'd tweaked it a little.....and with the right fabric and lace would make a cute little Christmas gift. Perhaps with a matching camisole..... Tutorial here.....

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