Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've been busy making lots and lots of flowers and thought what better way to show them all off than in some vases?  The flowers in the yellow Silvac vase can be made using this tutorial.

These other flowers I made by cutting a simple five petal flower shape and then either just sewing a felt pom pom in the centre and adding leaves or by adding one or two loopy strips as if you were going to make the flowers above and then stitching a pom pom in the middle.

They're mostly for presents as they're brooches and hair clips, but what I don't give away I want to keep to start building up a stock in the hope of doing a market or fair in the new year.  Anyone braved a fair yet?  I know Scruffybadger is doing one soon and am eagerly awaiting her feedback!

Happy stitching!

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