Friday, December 10, 2010

Screenprinted Seed Bags

I mentioned in an earlier post that my theme for Christmas gifts this year (for my family) is Garden. I find it easier to buy gifts when shopping from a theme, as it narrows down your search rather than having an overwhelming amount of choices. In past years I have themed my gift shopping 'food', 'books' and a whole range of other things.

As part of my gift for a few people I am giving some packets of organic and heirloom seeds. I thought I would make some cute seed bags to give them in.

I started by sketching some simple fruit designs that will be screenprinted onto simple calico drawstring bags (feel free to copy these designs - they are pretty basic to draw).

I then transferred the designs onto screenprinting paper, and cut them out. Because I wanted to print the main part of the fruit in red, and the tops in green, I covered the cut out part of the tops in sticky tape so that I could start with the red fabric paint.

Then I screenprinted the designs onto the cut out (but not yet sewn) calico bags. Do remember to put a sheet of paper underneath your layer of fabric, because I forgot on my first one and the fabric paint bled through underneath :(

I screenprinted the cheaters way (i.e. with a paint brush, rather than a squeegie), I find this easier for small prints. I let the red paint dry, then untaped the tops and taped up the red part of the fruits, and continued to screenprint the green sections.

From here on in it was all pretty easy - stitch up the sides, then fold down the tops twice (towards you, with the right side facing you) and stitch, leaving a little space to thread some ribbon.

Almost done! Now just to finish off the ends and thread through some red ribbon...

et voila! Some cute bags to keep your seeds in!

Only a fortnight until Christmas now... can Stitchybritt get all the gifts (some I haven't started making) finished and wrapped by Christmas day?

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