Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crocheted Cowl

Hello, everyone! I'm Jaimielee from and I'm one heck of a procrasticrafter. I can't seem to help it, no matter how determined I try to trick myself into being...

Cowls, snoods, moebius scarves — whatever you call 'em, I love them! I made one using Lion Brand's Fishermen's Wool. Somehow a giant 8oz skein wasn't sufficient, so it's not quite finished yet.

100% Pure Virgin Wool with natural lanolin oil IS ITCHY!

I crocheted it based on this pattern from The Crimson Owl. I mean, to make these cowls, you don't really need a tutorial or pattern, it's just a series of HDC and DC till you reach the length you need. Super simple! It's for my lovely SO who is enjoying 88° weather right now in the Philippines while I freeze to death in Chicago!

Next up are Christmas cards. I'm so late!!

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