Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boxer Shorts

Hi all...Stitchybritt here, ready to show you my latest Christmas creation - a pair of boxer shorts for boyfriend.  They may seem like a regular old pair of boxer shorts but I am actually really proud of them - not only because they worked out well, but because they were really quick to whip up (about an hour in total) AND they're made from fair-trade, organic cotton.

Here's Snorky helping me to cut out the fabric.  Basically I took an old-worn out pair of boyfriend's boxer shorts and cut them up for a pattern.  I doubt he'll miss them, but I'm not sure how he will feel about me showing you all his pants on the interwebs : s oh well

I then had five pieces - two front, two back, and the lining piece for the front opening.  I stitched them all together with waist elastic and this is what I got...

Pretty neat, huh?  The front opening works like this, so boys can visit the loo easily...

And a simple elasticated waist.  That's all there is to it.  I'm quite pleased with them, and if they fit well, I'll probably make more for boyfriend in the future.

Not long to go now Christmas crafters!  Good luck for your last two weeks of crafting!

Stitchybritt xx

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