Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rosey rosettes

Hi all!

My name's Juliet and I blog over at The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles. It's been so good to see everything that people have been making this year, I've been learning and being inspired so much!

This Christmas I had grand plans of making ALL of my Christmas pressies, but being a beginner crafter/sewist/everything I haven't been so successful.

However, I have made these sweet little shoe clips/ brooches for my boyfriend's family's Secret Santa. Each couple brings one girl gift and one boy gift as a surprise pressie for another family member. Given the size of his family, this is a good plan!

These were so simple to make and are budget friendly. To make these you need:

- Shoe clips/ clip on earring bases (I used these as my local bead shop had no shoe clip bases in stock)
- Fake flowers, leaves optional
- Craft glue
- Wire cutters

Step 1: Using the wire cutters, snip your flowers from their stems, as near to the base as possible. I tried scissors, then a stanley knife but wire cutters made this a cinch.

Step 2: If you want to add leaves, pick some pretty ones and snip these with a bit of a stem.

Step 3: Cover the base of your clip with craft glue, and arrange the leaves and flower head on top. Press it down firmly and check to see if the stick is going to be good and strong. I'm afraid I have no photos of this stage as I was, being a clumsy person, covered in craft glue and dared not to touch my man's expensive camera with sticky fingers.

Step 4: Leave the flower clips, upside down, overnight to dry.

And you're done! Wrap prettily and gift away!

I hope that this inspires some of you - these would be excellent stocking fillers and are so quick to put together they would make great last-minute gifts too!

Happy Christmas crafting all!

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