Monday, December 5, 2011

Refashioned Sweater to Skirt

Hello, Holiday Crafters!  My name is Seeks, and this is my first post here for the Crafty Christmas Club. I am a blogger who's interested in a number of things, so my blog ranges in posts from sewing to art to food. I'm starting to pick up some sewing momentum of late, so I am happy to have a chance to contribute here. I just finished one of my first present projects and really need to show it off somewhere before I spoil the surprise! Thank goodness you're here to save me from blabbing!

I had a sweater that both my cousin and I loved, but just never wore. It had a few holes in key places that just didn't make it wearable to most outings.

So, for Christmas, I thought I'd refashion it into something I knew she would wear: a cute knit skirt and leg warmers. The nature of the knit and ribbing of the sweater was perfect for the refashion because it wasn't itchy, and the V-neckline stretched just enough to serve as a perfect waistband. A nice detail on the skirt, as I've not seen many v-waisted skirts.

I used the sleeves for the leg warmers, and the top curved portion of the sleeves to make the pockets (one kangaroo pouch on front, one small pocket on the back). My cousin loves pockets, so I am excited by their addition.

I used a blanket stitch on the raw edges of the leg warmers, and they stay up quite well without the addition of any ties.

They're a little loose at the top, but that doesn't seem to compromise their hug elsewhere. My hope is that they'll spring back after a wash.

The pockets were sewn with some embroidery thread "X"'s at the corners to help keep the bulk of the inner sewn edges from sticking out.

Hope you like it!

You're welcome to check out my blog for other stuff I'm working on. Most of my good stuff will be showing up here in the next month though, as most of my projects are gifts at the moment.

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