Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Crafting Complete!

My Christmas Crafting is complete! FINALLY!
I made a bunch of these slippers from . I found that the pattern required a little tweaking, but after 1 test pair, they were really simple to sew and REALLY cute! I want to make a dozen for myself!

I found the best tweak, was to add a stretchy panel at the heel, reinforced with a bit of sturdy elastic. It allowed the slipper to stretch a little, while the elastic held it snug on your foot. I found that making them up "as is", they were either slightly too tight, or falling off my foot. But, with that one little change, the slippers are great and so comfy (I made a pair for myself a few weeks ago that I have been wearing non-stop!).

I added non-slip "hearts" appliqu├ęd to the bottom of the soles to make them a little safer for wearing around the house. I'd imagine with out these, they could be dangerously slippery!

Now... to finish wrapping everything...

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