Sunday, December 11, 2011

Easy Gift Tags

Hello fellow Crafty-Christmasers! Kat from KraftyKat here again, FINALLY able to share some of my Christmas crafting with you all! I have been loving reading everyone's posts so far, soaking up the inspiration and storing some ideas for now and some for later! Today i am going to show you some gift tags which i whipped up this afternoon. My Boyfriend is slightly amazed that i have taken the time to make my own gift tags, but these really are so quick and easy to make and i think they look really effective...and of course add that personal touch to your gifts which i really love.

I got inspiration for these from this post shared by Miss P last year. I used a very similar method. Firstly i drew a Christmas tree on a piece of card (oh yes, by hand...i think this much is obvious!!) and cut it out. I then cut some rectangles of wrapping paper, put a bunch together and cut round the template. I then used glue to stick the tree shapes onto gift tags (bought from ebay). Once dry, i cut lengths of ribbon (another ebay purchase!) and threaded them through the hole in the tag. And voila...homemade gift tags. So quick to make and I think they look fab :)

I currently have a number of Christmas gift makes on the go which i hope to be able to share with you later this week. Until then, happy crafting!

K xx

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