Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ready Or Not!

As I was saying, Christmas is on the same day every year and frankly I thought I would never make it on time this year.
But little by little, I am almost finished. I only have 7 of those toiletries bags (tutorial here) to make still (2 more than I previously thought as I heard my husband and my son say out loud: "Wow! these are really cool!"), I managed to to send the big box of gifts to Canada on time and I have started work on my Christmas dress! If anything doesn't get made, it might be it, but no panic, I have plenty.

I made a few more of these tags and long time readers of my blog will not be surprised to see I have managed to scrape a few scraps of Alexander Henry's Thunder Flower into submission (I couldn't throw any of it away, I love it so much), I made 2 more girl toiletry bags with them.

A small one and a bigger one.

If you have time to surf, I do have a small contest/giveaway going on, the first to spot the mistake on the Zelda costume will get some vintage trim from my Etsy shop.
Merry Yuletide!

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