Wednesday, December 14, 2011

X-mas Present #2 Done: Sock Monkeys


Hi, this is Stephanie from The Naked Seamstress with another x-mas present done! Yippee! My boyfriend and me made these cute Sock Monkeys for my boyfriend's little nieces. I did the sewing bits and my boyfriend stuffed the monkeys with ripped-up pieces of batting. We had great fun seeing how the monkeys came alive out of ordinary pairs of socks.

Hi, I'm John-Joe!
I used some buttons from my stash for the eyes and embroidery floss to put a smile on the monkeys' faces.

Hi, I'm Wallace!
There are many, many tutorials online for making Sockmonkeys. I used this tutorial combined with this cutting diagram:
Source: Making Martha Proud
The monkeys are really easy and fun to make (although the sewing on of the limbs can be a bit tricky) and I hope the little nieces will like them as much as we do.

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