Sunday, December 18, 2011

Felt Monster

Hi!  Magpie Mimi again with a felt monster this time.  I got this pattern from Mollie Makes magazine again, but you can download the pattern from their website.  It's a Feltmistress exclusive and is one of four versions that you can make, I shall be making another one/two, depending on time, before Christmas as presents.

He's a very smart Monster with a bow tie

He's made completely from felt and stuffed with toy stuffing so he's safe for children to play with

Here's me holding him so you get an idea of scale

And led down, it's a hard life being a monster you know!

I've stuffed him quite generously as wanted the arms and legs to have good definition, but they are a little stiff right now.  I'm sure with a few hours play he'll be a bit more pliable!  He was fun to make, but the more details you add, obviously the more time consuming he is to make.  With any luck I'll have a few more monsters before the end of the week!

Anyone panicking yet???

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