Saturday, December 10, 2011

First X-mas Presents Done: Reindeer Shrugs

Hi, this is Stephanie from The Naked Seamstress with my first handmade Christmas present this year: two Reindeer Shrugs for my boyfriend's sisters. Both sisters are practically grown up but I know that they love wearing special Christmassy things during the holidays and I thought these shrugs make an ideal extra warm cover for sitting around in your pyjamas at Christmas time. I used a free Hot Patterns shrug pattern I found online* but had to shorten the shrugs a lot because I had too little fabric. The shrugs are still pretty long, so I guess the original shrug would reach all the way down to the hips.

The fabric is a cream white fleece with red reindeers printed on and I found it in a shop in Norway last summer and was immediately inspired to make Christmassy shrugs with the fabric. For the edges I used ordinary cotton jersey rib in a matching color.

The shrugs are super simple to make, especially if you have a serger. So it's not too late to make one for Christmas!

*There are plenty more free patterns where this one came from!

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