Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hi!  Magpie Mimi struggling to get everything done in time!  hehe!  Here's something I've just finished and need to make 3 more of before Christmas day and two monsters too, but hopefully that'll be another post sometime soon!  I really love working in felt and making toys, so when I saw the pattern for the fabulous Lori Marie crafty fox from Pretty Little Things had put a tutorial in Mollie Makes to make one of her pretty little foxes I knew I had to make one!  Wish I'd thought earlier that I wanted to make them as presents for my four nieces though...D'oh!

Anyway, the instructions are simple, so simple in fact that I didn't follow them...whoops!  I forgot to photocopy and enlarge the pattern so I drew it freehand so it's not quite the same as the original but I love it!

Look how pretty I am with my purple eyelashes!

Oooh, leaves!

A more sedate pose to show you the details.  It's hard being a foxy lady you know.

It doesn't take much stuffing, which is good as could only find a small bag of stuffing on my rush to the sewing shop this afternoon.  I've used some scrap fabric for the tummy panel as it's brushed cotton to give it a slightly different texture to the rest which is felt.  Hopefully I'll have a skulk of foxes by the time Christmas rolls round! 

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