Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frankenstein Skirt

Hello, Crafters! This is Seeks, and I have another refashion-as-gift-for-cousin to show you. This one consists of parts from two dresses and a shirt. I only have pictures of two of the three original components, but it's construction was super easy (at least, once I got my hands on a serger).

This skirt is for another cousin, who had commented on how much she loved the blue lace dress that I didn't photograph, but how it just never fit well in the top. She especially noted a love for the material itself. I thought it'd be nice to give her something made from the material that she'd actually wear.

Two of the three original pieces.
To summarize the process, I took the skirt from the dress not shown, sewed it to the waist of the second dress, and lined it with the body of the shirt. The shirt was easily converted to a skirt by cutting off the sleeves and feather neck thing (don't ask me) and then sewing up the sides to taper to a waist.

It was totally gratifying to make with the serger. The seams were all simple, totaling only four in all. The fabrics are super super stretchy and comfy, so it will work out well for a range of body shapes. The lining does peek out a bit at the bottom, but I like how it helps to tie in the waist with the bottom of the skirt as well.

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