Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quilting with Jeans

Hi all!

Valerie from sewcranky again.  Despite being mostly KO'd by this miserable head cold I've got, I managed to finish the lap quilt for my BFF Jenn.  She had gifted me with a bunch of old pairs of jeans.  I used the back pockets to make a neat 12 gore skirt, but I had all this leftover denim that I didn't want to toss, so I thought I'd incorporate some of it into a quilt for her!  I cut 2"strips out of the denim and stitched it all together.  I combined the 18.5" denim panel with a 48.5"x 30" panel that I'd made from irregular pieces of green batik and brown quilting cotton.  I used minky to back it all.  The most fun part was the irregular free-motion quilting that I did on the green/brown part of the quilt.  I think it gave it the more organic appearance that I was hoping for.  Totally snuggly.

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