Tuesday, December 6, 2011

X-mas Present Ideas: Pencil Cases, a Wall Organizer and a Painted Mug

Hello, Crafty Christmas-ers! My name is Stephanie and I blog over at The Naked Seamstress. I'm finally writing my very first post on this blog although I've been signed up to the blog since last year! I really enjoy reading all of your posts and have gotten many good x-mas present ideas from this blog both last year and this year. But somehow I never quite get around to writing blog posts at Christmas time. To make up for my absence I have decided to share three presents with you that I made for last years' Christmas. Maybe some of you will get inspired by these ideas to make up some presents for this year.

First up, are these cute little pencil cases I made for my four cousins in assembly line style. They are quite quick to make although you have to fiddle a bit to get the corners right (of which I had to sew 32!). They also require very little fabric so are great for fabric scraps. The tutorial I used to make them is from Annie Get Your Glue Gun and you can find it here.

The second present is a wall organizer I made for my mum. I used no pattern for it but had a look at the Tory pattern from Burdastyle for inspiration. I didn't use the pattern in the end because I figured that the purchasing, printing, sticking together and cutting out of pieces would have taken longer than just making the measurements up myself. And I think I was right. The wall organizer was very easy to sew but without the pattern you have to like doing a bit of maths.

The last present I want to show you is a painted mug I made for my mum's husband. I bought a set of mini ceramic paint colours and mini brushes in a craft's shop and I had a great time painting our little family, living in two countries at the time, on a mug.

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your own Christmas crafting. I hope to post again soon with my current Christmas-y endeavors. Happy Christmas crafting to you all!

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