Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Make a little gift in under an hour :)

With some pretty scraps and a zipper, you could whip up a pretty little zipper bag in under an hour - tuck a little box of chocolates or some bath bombs inside and you have a lovely little gift!  Resize the pattern a bit and make a set of bags in varying sizes, tie them with ribbon and you have a lovely gift for a last-minute gifting occasion :D 

Don't forget the value of downloadable patterns - it's quite convenient to shop in your jammies and to get a pattern almost instantly once you find it :)  I found this one recently and whipped it up for a Christmas gift for our 3 year old nephew - I'll do the snowman next!  (NAYY - just a happy customer)

We're in the home stretch now - I hope everybody is done or almost done!

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