Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas seasoning

Hi all!  How is your Christmas crafting going?  Are you on track to finish everything in time?  Which reminds me, I still haven't written out my plan  : s

However I did get started this weekend with one of the simplest things to make: Christmas seasoning.  Essentially it's just your favourite mix of herbs in a jar, prettied up.  If you have a market near you that sells herbs and spices in bulk, you can pick up a range of dried herbs relatively cheaply (I used rock salt, colourful peppercorns, oregano, rosemary and fennel seeds).  Then just mix them all together in a bowl until you get a mix that looks 'festive' and spoon it into jars.  Easy!

The fun then lies in making your jars pretty with some fabric and twine.  I'm also planning to make up some cute Christmassy labels.

The seasoning itself can be used on roasts, pork belly, and any number of other yummy dishes.  It smells great when you open the jar.  Yum!

Until next time

Stitchybritt xx

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