Sunday, November 20, 2011

An update on my project progress

Hi there, it's Katie from The Little Red Squirrel again, I just wanted to share with you two of my Christmas projects, one completed and one nearly done!

First up is the scarf for my mum, and it is finished, yay! 

Obviously it needs to be pressed, the ends need to be sewn in and the seams stitched up, but the colour work is all done so I'm thrilled. I honestly didn't know whether or not I would be able to finish this one in time for Christmas, it was a bit complicated!

Here's a close up of the yummy fair isle pattern...

I wanted to make a pair of matching gloves as well, but I'm leaving those for now while I finish all my other presents, if I have time I will try and make the gloves as a little bonus :) I have also been working on my Dad's scarf, and it's coming a long nicely as you can see here:

This scarf is worked completely in moss stitch on quite large needles so it grows quickly which is great :) I've altered the pattern quite a bit from the original because I'm going to double the scarf up and sew a seam to make it extra warm and cosy :) Here's a close up so you can see the yummy texture of the scarf, I really love it!

So yeah, I'm pretty thrilled with my progress so far (I have also made one of a pair of gloves for my friend Harriet and have started the second), as when I get these scarves finished I will only need to make a laptop case for my brother and then I've completed everything big that I planned! Of course then I'll probably decide to make even more things and I'll be working right up until the last minute anyway!

I hope your Christmas Crafts are going well, bye for now!

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