Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gift bag tutorial

Hello, it's Wendy from The Crafter's Apprentice here again.  Fancy another tutorial?  This one is for simple paper gift bags.

I use scrapbook paper for these which is 12" x 12".  I have a big pad of it that I'll never get through and there are about 3 sheets of each design in each colourway so it's perfect for ideas like this.  You can make a bag any size you like.  You can use a single sheet of paper to make a small bag, or you can join more pieces together.  For this version I used three sheets, but it did end up a little tall, I generally make them from two sheets. 

Take your sheets of paper.  I cut one in half.

Fix them together, I used double sided tape for a nice, neat finish.

Fold the top over about 1/2 " and press down.  I used that little tool at the top which is a bone folder used in papercraft, but you could use the end of a paintbrush, a lolly stick or your finger nail.

Now we are going to create the sides of the bag.  You're aiming for a square tube, or a box without base or lid!  Fold one of the sides in and crease with whichever tool you have to hand.  If you've joined your two sheets together, there'll be a join, you want to avoid this join and fold the bag in to one side of it.  My first fold is at about 8", the second a further 4" from that.  Fold the right hand side over until there is about a 1/2" overlap of the two papers.  I did take a photo of this but it was a white with black dotty blur and you couldn't see the joins.  Hold the join in place and push the top layer to the right until the first crease (the one at 8") is lying flat on the table, this is to creat a symmetrical fold for both side "corners".  Wow, does that make any sense??  Does the picture below help?

Here you can see that I've got a "gusset" in the middle (I hate that word!!) and then two smaller folds at the edges which will join together to make the second side of the bag.  The two larger portions should be equal.

Pull the two edges together and join neatly without pulling or distorting the bag.  Again, I used double sided tape.  You now need to create a crease in the sides of the bag.  Fold them inwards so the two corners on one side touch, and the same the other side.  You can only just make out my crease in the photo above so I hope you understand what I mean! 

Measure the depth of your bag (front to back), measure the same distance from the bottom of the bag and fold.  Open up your tube and fold each side inwards along the line created.

This folded portion will be the base.  You need to create the base as if you were wrapping a present.

Seal with double sided tape.

Measure the newly-created base of your bag and cut a piece of thickish card the same size.  Mine was once some form of packaging.  Apply double sided tape and carefully drop it into the bag, when it's in position, press down firmly to stick it in place.

Now we need to punch holes for the handles.  I used my fancy Big Bite which is made for setting eyelets, but you can use an ordinary hole punch.  Decide where you want your handles, then make sure they are equidistant from each end.  You'll need to punch 2 holes in each side.

I then added eyelets, but this is optional.

Take some ribbon, thin cord, yarn, twine, string, whatever and thread the end through one hole, tie a big knot so it doesn't pull through.  If it comes undone by itself you can add a blob of glue.

Pass the other end of the lenght of ribbon/cord/string etc (the length is up to you) through the hole on the SAME side and knot.  Repeat for the other side of the bag.

And tadah!  You have one custom made gift bag, I have one very tall gift bag and one very crap tutorial!  I do apologise.

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