Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chunky snoods

Hi everyone! I'm Amy and I blog over at Diana & Me.

This Christmas, my plan for gifts is straightforward: make everyone (or as many people as possible) the same thing. It's not as hard-hearted as it sounds, as no less than 6 women have complimented my on my newly-crocheted snood and asked where it's from:

And 3 of those are people I need to get presents for... so most of the ladies among my family and friends will be getting one this year. The pattern is here, and is perfect for whipping up in the evenings while watching TV.

First up: purple. My mother-in-law is allergic to real wool, so I've made this one out of some chunky acrylic:

Because this wool is very bouncy but not as full-bodied as the luscious Rowan Big Wool I normally use, I reduced the number of stitches in the chain but added a lot more rows to get that cosy chunky shape.

Hurrah! I'm off shopping tomorrow to buy loads more wool! Have a good Friday :)

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