Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Hi, I'm Carly, I blog (somewhat sporadically) here.

Wow, Christmas has snuck up a bit this year, or is it just me? Looking back at my blog it seems I was feeling a lot more festive this time last year!

I have some crafty Christmas plans up my sleeve though, time willing:

Snoods! I have knocked up a pink flowery snood for some lucky person who shall remain nameless, here is me modelling it for now (doesn't it look pretty with my dress? I like looking like an explosion in a paint factory):

The pattern is available on my blog if you fancy making one yourself. I may whip up a few more of these, they're quick to make and make great gifts - who doesn't want to stay cosy?

I have also got a few cross stitch ideas in the pipeline - I want to make little necklaces and/or Christmas decorations. Here is a slightly larger one I made last year (bit frayed having been in and out of the frame rather a lot of times!), it's for the wall rather than round your neck but it gives you the idea:

And I'm also planning to give knitted headband/earwarmers, which look like this (I can't seem to rotate the photo for some reason):

They are made using a free Ravelry pattern. I love the colour of this wool, I bought it in John Lewis last year and never managed to use it as I only had one ball, but it was the perfect amount for this headband. Not good if you react badly to wool though - itchy ears are not a good look!

Aside from these projects I don't have any other firm plans, but I'm loving seeing everyone elses ideas here. Blogland seems so inspired in the months coming up to Christmas, I love it.

Speaking of crafty stuff, I take it we've all seen Pip's list of 307 handmade christmas gift tutorials? Inspirational!

Happy crafting ladies


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