Thursday, November 24, 2011

Like father like son

Hi All!  Valerie from Sewcranky here.  Happy Thanksgiving!  We decided to take the holiday off this year and are going to have a lovely pizza, beer, and watch football later this afternoon.  This gives me lots of time to work on projects today.  Hooray!

My BIL Phillip is one of the best cooks I've ever known.  He's one of those people who can look in my fridge, which is largely full of condiments and maybe has a few other things (I'm a take-out kind of person), and come up with a gourmet meal for 6.  More of an art form than survival technique.  Needless to say, Phillip does a lot of the cooking in their household.

He and my sister produced my amazing nephew earlier this year -- Lucas is already so advanced! (not that I'm biased or anything!).  He's walking and developing hand-eye coordination.  I'm pretty sure that it won't be long before he's helping dad in the kitchen. 

For Christmas this year, I decided to get them matching chef's jackets.  I already posted about embroidering Phillip's name on the front of his jacket (purchased, b/c I couldn't find a good jacket pattern in his size that I liked) here.  Today I finished up Lucas' jacket!  I used Simplicity 3650, view E. 

I didn't follow the instructions at all, because they way they had you do the sleeve insertion didn't make sense to me.  I also put a separating zipper in the back instead of velcro -- mostly because I don't like velcro, and I think it will be easier to get this jacket on and off with the back zip.  This is my first experiment with children's clothes and I was shocked at how quickly it went.  Maybe b/c it's so little?  Here are the two jackets, finished up and ready to go:

Sending wonderful Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours! 

- V

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