Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not a lot of time! But I will craft this Christmas :)

Hi all,

First time back blogging here for Christmas!

1. I've been asked to make a toy sack for my nephew and it's something which I can envision but can think how to make it work! His mum wants it to be a large circle which lays on the ground and you put all the toys in the middle when they need to be packed away and pull on a drawstring which goes all the way around the edge and it pulls up into a sack. Any ideas?????

Found here
Like this one but smaller and simpler...

2. I want to find the most awesome record/DJ inspired fabric for my brother-in-law so that I can make a cover for his turntable. It's going to be simple construction but just need the awesome fabric to stand out!

3. I never make anything for my husband for Christmas becuase he's too darn hard to make for! Then I had an awesome idea - as he's a paediatric doctor, I thought I'd try to make him some games which he can give to his kids (ones that can be washed and cleaned easily) while he's examing them. Some ideas:

Found here

found here

found here

Also - the reason I am short on time this year is..... I am opening a shop! Hooray!

It's a handmade store in Annerley, Brisbane and we are going to be stocking up to 150 Brisbane designers and artists work :) Come to facebook and have a look if you're interested! Handmade Highstreet - it will be a gem of a place once it's open on the 1st December...

More to come regarding my Chrissy pressies soon!

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