Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm well on my way...

I'm off to a flying start - I'm so loving all the ideas of peoples christmas gifts on this blog.   So glad its up again this year.

Mine are as follows:

Strawberry jam for all the primary school teachers (12 bottles but only 8 teachers) so a few left over for who knows who.   Labels were downloaded from this site:   They're so NICE !

Place mats for a couple of little girls I know.   One of them loves purple, the other loves green.   I just made them up as I went along, perhaps I'd make them bigger the next time.  Oh well, live and learn!

A make-up brush roll for their mum.  Another one I made up as I went along.   I mean, how hard can it be?  Shown here with scissors and a pencil because I didnt want to contaminate it with my dirty brushes!
And for the same mum, a crocheted tea cosy, again my own design.
And look !   I'm making vanilla essence too thanks to this post, and a more comprehensive one on her blog too many pasttimes.  Thanks so much for the information  I'm loving it - this is only 2 days old and already smells like the real thing.   This was my first time ever with a vanilla bean too.  I just bought a 4 pack off ebay and I was away.  Used two for this, stuck one in the sugar storage container and have another one left for who knows what!
and lastly is a personalised pillow for a few other kids.
I've interfaced fabric and cut out the letters.  Grabbed some bright lime green flannelette from stash.   Now I have to sew them on.

Playing with placement on an old pillowcase.  I'm not sure what I'll do !  (probably the arch? - comments or hints would be great!)

So I'm pretty pleased with progress so far.   But keep those posts coming, because I can always use a bit more inspiration!


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