Sunday, December 4, 2011

How I Roll - Animal Blankets Out of Control

Hello fellow crafters! I'm Amy, and I blog over at Sew Well. I've really enjoyed keeping up with everything that everyone has been making for their family and friends this holiday season. I'm getting a late start posting over here, but I'll hopefully be able to get it all in in the next few weeks.

I figured I'd start with a few animal blankets I made for friends who just recently had babies. I used the Cotton Ginny's Animal Blanket pattern, which comes with patterns for a bear, elephant, and hippo, but I modified the patterns to better fit the recipient. Here are the results.

A pink unicorn for a little girl who's room is filled with magic and fairies.

A floppy eared dog for a little girl who's mom grew up with the greatest basset hound ever.

The blankets are simple to make and only require a sewing machine and a bit of hand embroidery at the end.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'll be back soon with some more of my holiday crafting.

Until then,

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