Sunday, December 4, 2011

Artichoke flower decorations

I've been busy with some Christmas stalls, so now they're over I can concentrate on making presents and this is the first thing I've finished today, well, I say finished I may make some more as they're rather addictive!

Artichoke shape flowers, one large in orange, burnt orange and white and the smaller one in orange and black
I found the tutorial to make these here.  They are pretty quick to make and you wouldn't believe the weight difference from start to finish!  I know it's a polystyrene ball which is really light and then cover it with folded squares of fabric held on with metal pins, but still, it's now rather heavy!

They are going to be part of a gift to my boyfriend's mother as she is very particular about colour schemes and things having to match and so thought a handmade decoration for her living room which has shades of orange would be best rather than spending lots of time hunting for something in the right colour schemes.  I can see these being a big hit with everyone else too so may need to find some more polystyrene balls to cover.  Have a go, you'll be addicted too!

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