Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amy Butler Swing Bag

Having just had a new bathroom put in, I enter this Christmas as poor as a church mouse. Which makes me extra-specially glad that this version of the Amy Butler Swing Bag is made almost completely from scraps left over from previous projects. Anyone who reads my blog at Didyoumakethat will recognise the wool from my make of the Simplicity 2512 skirt. The button is rescued from an old jacket. Only the butter yellow interior wool was bought new, but that was a scrap reduced from £9 to £3. It's from MacCulloch & Wallis and is a really luxurious feeling wool.

I'm not sure I recommend making this bag in wool. The stretch makes accurate sizing a tad difficult. Ideally, you need a nice, crisp cotton. But as a bargain basement Christmas present for my sister? Result!

I added a nice little interior pocket, with a ribbon loop for attaching keys or iphone cases:

I'd say this bag is a great little make for Christmas presents. Go ahead and make your own!

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