Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So behind in posting...and making as well

Hey guys. After my mammoth soap making sessions I now have all those done. A batch each of honey, coffee and oatmeal soap. Now if only I could get on with the rest! I started cutting out the patterns for the stuffed toys I'm making for all the small ones in our lives. I plan on making mice, turtles, teddies and owls. Hopefully these should help me use up a lot of the scraps I've been hoarding :o)

I'm also making messenger bags (from this tutorial) and needle rolls (from this tutorial). I'm knitting a moose for my darling stepdaughter and will be doing it in pink wool to make it a strawberry moose hehehe. I need to make some accessories for my niece, I'm thinking hair and jewellery. In an ideal universe I'll finish the cardigan I'm knitting for my other half but I'm not hopeful. Lastly there is a t-shirt for one of my friends. I plan on stenciling that.

Everyone else is getting cooked goods of some variety. I have 10 jars already done which I will post pics and recipes for shortly. A lot of baked good will be made just before we go and visit so that takes a lot of pressure off me.

There, now I've told you all what I'm doing I must not fall behind :oD

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