Monday, November 29, 2010

/toasty crocheted mittens

Hi again, it's Emily from seymour. Firstly, I need to say that I've been LOVING everyone's posts so far! Great tutorials and brilliant ideas, so thanks everyone!

It seems that this year, everyone is asking for mittens. I'm pretty sure this is because of the early snow we got last week, and my friends and relatives were confronted with the strange colours their hands turn without the proper bundling accessories. Anyhow, this is good because mittens are a very do-able project!

While I'm not totally done with either pair yet, I thought I'd share this pattern sooner than later if anyone would like to get started on some crochet mittens. They're the Basic Crocheted Mittens from

I'm a big fan of making these, because they go super fast and take under one skein of worsted yarn for one pair! It's also easy to alter for different sized hands. 

My plan is to stitch bows at all the wrists with embroidery thread, but the first attempt looks like a crazy person did it. Pretty sure this was done at 1 or 2 am... I can't be sure if it's even 'cutesy homemade' or just insane. Either way, this bow must go because I doubt this craziness could be replicated on its twin... how did I even do that? Oops.

Regardless, I definitely recommend this pattern for all your cold-limbed friends and relatives!

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