Thursday, November 4, 2010

Planned Handmade Presents

Ok, So this year I think I've planned out what I want to do! My family have always been the ones that only appreciate new. But being a student means new 'Hollister' pjs etc are out of my pricerange. So heres the plan:

Men are getting foodie treats I think! Biscuits, maybe make some ultra hot chilli sauces (thats a boyish thing isn't it?) I'm going to coerce my friend who does illustration into making a label design that I can print onto the jars.
The girls are a little easier
I'm making pretty much everyone some PVC tote bags, perfect for books or food shopping.

some of those fab little soap bags. Maybe even have a go at making soap? One of the headbands Casey did on her blog here for my 13 year old cousin and two flower necklaces for my housemates and a few jewellery rolls thrown in for good measure.
Another thing thats crossed my mind recently is my Grandad who passed away in Feb. It will be our first Christmas without him and we are selling his house too. Our Christmasses were always there so I wanted some gifts that would give us nice memories of him. I picked up his crazy tartan ties when we were cleaning out his house. I intend to make flower pins from them so me, my cousin, my auntie and my mum can all have one. I also thought about canvas totes with this photo on using those transfer printout sheets. I've never done it though has anyone got any suggestions for the best brand. That will wash ok!

Tartan Flower Pins From Grandad's old ties

Funky easy Canvas totes
hopefully with this image on of my Grandparents

Just a few crafty little websites I've come across that are really helpful!
Martha Stewart and Sew Republic. Sew Republic has PDF's and Video's to show you how to make some cute little pressies!
Any suggestions Totally welcome!

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