Monday, November 22, 2010

Magnum Ear-warmer Tutorial

Hi again crafty ladies! Today's SNOW inspired me to knit this. Here is a super easy tutorial for last minute gifts. And another reason why I love Cascade Magnum yarn!!

1. Measure your noggin. Mine is 21.5 inches.

This yarn makes me think of cotton candy!! Its so light and soft for how thick it is.

2. Do some math: Make a quick gauge of your yarn. Mine (with magnum and size US19 needles) was 2 stitches/inch.

3. Do more math: 21.5" - 3" (for negative ease) = 18.5
18.5" x 2sts/inch = 37.

You're working in the round....

4. Cast on. You want your sts to be even numbered, so I cast on 38.

5. Knit 1, purl 1. Repeat, repeat. Thats all you're doin'.

Easy and fast.

6. It is probably a good idea to keep track of where each round begins....

7. I cast off after 3 inches.

8. Weave in the tail. It is a little wonky here because the stitches are so huge, but fear not! Just pull it a little bit when you sew in the tail.

Warm ears.

9. Ready for winter! Or wrapping paper! I have little patience for blocking. It really looks great if you don't bother.

OK that is all,

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