Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fleece Socks

(Please excuse the paleness of my legs. This is my tan.)
Last year, I made up lots of these, for so little money. Just this one pattern has all sizes from baby to adult, and each pair only takes a little bit of fabric.
(I didn't do any of the appliques, just used cute printed micro-fleece - but aren't they adorable?)

I made my first pair ages ago, from a major label pattern (adult sizes only) that has since been discontinued (if I could find the thing, I'd tell you what it was, but it has gone missing at home), but then I found the above pattern a couple years ago, recognized that the pieces were exactly the same, though the finishing was different, and I was pleased as can be to have all the sizes.

This one tells you to fold over the top, making them more like a slipper than a sock, but I just leave it not folded. I don't even hem them.
If you want them longer, just add the same amount of length to the front and back pieces. I sometimes add or subtract length based on how big my remnant is.
If you find you need to adjust the foot length (I've had them end up way too long), you just turn them inside out and re-sew the toe seam to the right length.

Only three pattern pieces, and these take so little fabric. The adult size calls for 1/2 yd, but as the pattern says, you can get 1 1/2 pair from that 1/2 yd. I've made three pair with 5/8 yd. You need the length for the front of the "sock", but you don't use all the width. I buy the remnants for half-off, and get at least 2 gifts (more if I'm doing kids sizes) for under $5.
Or, if it's not that cold where you are, or you just don't like your feet being too warm, make these out of any knit fabric.

My kids LOVE their fleece socks. Just last week, Twin2 (the younger of the set, the boys are 18 now) careens into my bedroom at 11pm and joyfully announces that it's time to get out the fleece socks, then bounds off to his room to get them.

A happy teenager? Oh, yes, that was a worthwhile sewing project.

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