Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas cards with a sparkly gift!

Hello everyone!
I'm wowed by so many lovely ideas - seriously re-thinking some of my original ideas!

I've been beavering away creating some affordable pressies for selling at a Christmas Craft fair, but thought these ideas could also be little pressies for friends at work, or even adapted for a child to make to give.

I've made little jewellery presents & attached them to handmade cards as a true "gift card" (as opposed to those credit card sized pieces of plastic that you load up with cash to give to someone to spend in that store). I've a bit more info on my blog, but you can probably work it out!

First to show are wine glass charms (x 6, all different, otherwise what would be the point?!!) - on a Christmassy sketched card that shows it off like a belly ring! The other 5 are in the envelope as part of the present.

Then, for the other design I've lino-printed a Christmas tree (that took me back - sticking the lino on the radiator to warm it up a bit before cutting!) Then I've punched holes & stitched on a necklace to adorn the tree.

I'm sure there are lots of similar things you could do to mix card & gift in one go!
I've also made a non Christmas design with a flower brooch.

Back to sewing now though ... byeee!

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