Friday, November 12, 2010

Another housewarming *ahem* Christmas gift: plastic grocery bag holder tutorial

So I dropped my peg bag gift around to my friend house the day they moved in.   I had a day off and went over with soup, bowls, spoons, ladle, drinks, glasses etc and gave them lunch.  I know what its like moving and no matter how well you label your boxes, you can never find what you're after.

I did notice however that they had unpacked a few things and there was a sad sorry sight of a plastic gocery bag holder - or 'bag bag' that was better off in the bin bin. 

So I had to make them another.

Luckily I had more cute fabric left over.

I kind of just straightened up what was left and made it out of that but I think the measurements are just right. 40cm wide x 45cm long.
Scientifically calculate the amount of elastic needed.   ie.   wrap it in a circle as big as you'd like your opening.
Mine turned out to be 20cms
You need two of these. One for the top and one for the bottom.

Interface your fabric if you want it a little structured, or don't if you prefer your bag bag baggy.  I used a lightweight interfacing so it wasnt a cardboard tube but had some shapeliness.

Turn the top and bottom in down oh, I don't know, 1.5 cms ?   and mark a halfway point on the top and bottom and mark a halfway point on your elastic as well.
Pop that sucker in there and pin it down at the halfway point.

now stretch it to about 1cm shy of each end thusly
Realise that this whole time you should have had the camera set to flash and remedy this. 
Go to the sewing machine and zig zag the elastic on, making sure you securely back tack the ends.
It will look like this now.
 French seam it - so wrong sides together first with a 1/4inch seam
Then turn it inside out and sew the seam again.   Make a loop and stitch this on the top.

Stand back and admire
Hang on something a little more aesthetically pleasing and admire more.
This fabric is so cute for these projects don't you think?


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