Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making a late start

Hello, all! And thank you for some wonderful ideas so far. My Delicious account is rapidly filling up with all the pretty things you've been linking me to.

I'm Laura, and I blog over at Made in Oxford. For various reasons, I'm not going too crazy (for me) on the homemade front this year. My main aim is to make what I can without driving myself to a nervous breakdown. To that end, my list so far consists of:

~ Crochet scarf for my mother
~ Crochet hat for my best friend
~ Earrings for another friend, Z
~ Toy bear for best friend's son

That last one is the hardest. Do I make it from fabric or yarn? Crochet or sewing? At the moment, I'm leaning towards 'both!' which is probably not sensible. I'm currently waiting for the bear pattern in the next issue of Sew Hip, and if that looks good, I'll probably go that way. If not, I'll finish off the Ericka Knight crochet bear that I've already started and which has been giving me a sore brain and sore fingers!

Speaking of having started, I'm feeling remarkably pleased with myself for finishing one present already:

The clutch is my own design, the fabric lining came from Saints and Pinners (whom I heartily recommend, btw, especically their sample service - they chose the fabric for me!) and the handle came from U-Handbag. It's not attached yet, since I need some smaller 'D' rings to join it, which should arrive this afternoon from Kleins

And since I seem to be compiling a list, where else do people recommend for lovely Christmassy crafting supplies? I'm lucky that Oxford has a lovely little haberdashery at Darn it and Stitch and a fabulous online fabric shop, The Fabric Loft, but I'm sure there are many others that I'm missing. I love buying supplies, even if we're going to need a bigger flat to store everything! Where are your 'must shop' websites and places?

Happy Crafting, everyone :)

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