Monday, November 8, 2010

Papercuts and Postcards

Hello everyone, I'm Lauren from Sewing Me, Sewing You. I thought I'd drop by to post some ideas I want to work on for Christmas prezzies - so far they are only ideas and I haven't actually got round to starting any of them.

The first one is papercutting. I saw an article in the Guardian about Rob Ryan and fell in love with what he does. I'd like to try my hand at paper cutting, though with a much simpler design than his which are like this...

I also like this from Green Chair Press blog...

The second idea was to create a set of personalised postcards, by buying plain blank ones and drawing, stencilling or decorating the postcards while leaving the address/message side blank for the recipient of the present to use, thus spreading the joy to others!

I'll post some pics if I manage to do either!

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