Saturday, November 20, 2010

Woolly Winter Warmers

Hi there, I'm Kerry and I blog at Kestrel Finds and Makes. I've been enjoying all the fantastic projects and ideas I've seen so far on the CCC, and am looking forward to sharing what I will be making this Christmas.

I love knitting and have just started dressmaking this year, so my crafty Christmas projects will be mostly wool-based, though I do have a couple of things relating to decorations and wrapping to share, which I will leave until December - it seems a bit too early to be thinking about wrapping up presents just yet!

Firstly, if you're thinking about knitting some gifts yourself, I have a couple of ideas for quick projects which use just 1 or 1 and a bit balls of wool.

  • Fetching fingerless gloves - lovely cabled gloves. I've made 2 pairs so far as gifts. Know any smokers? Fingerless gloves are ideal!
  • Darkside Cowl - I've previously made this, er, 4 times. It's so cosy, and uses just one skein of Rowan Silky Tweed in a super-stretch diagonal rib. Silky Tweed is a mix of wool and silk, making it lovely and soft, therefore ideal for next to your face. Cowls/neckwarmers are ideal for cyclists - no scarves flying about!
The above links are to Ravelry - if you're on Ravelry please do look me up, I'm LadyMissP.

So, what will I be crafting? Well, I haven't decided on patterns yet, but I will be making

  • Mittens on a string for my niece, who's nearly 3 - what every child needs
  • Mittens for an 8 month old
  • Super-warm hat for my father in law
And perhaps a couple more things, depending on how time goes. That being said, I have a train journey to London next weekend which will provide me with 12 (12!) hours of time for knitting. I can't wait!

K x

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