Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stitched Coasters

Hi everyone! I'm Suzie from Modern Suzie and this year I've been making mostly embroidered gifts. I had a bunch of smaller fabric scaps around the house, so I decided to make some stitched coasters for one of my friends. This project was fast and easy.

I started out by embroidering a pattern in the middle of a 4.5" square piece of broadcloth (approx. that size). Nicley patterned fabric would work great for this too if you don't have the time for embroidery.

Cut out a square of backing fabric (in this case lovely blue fleese) and some thin quilting batting (the cotton-y type). I used quilting rulers and cutters since I can't seem to cut a straight line.


Stitch the three pieces together, making sure the two good sides were facing each other and the batting was on the bottom, and left a large hole so that I could turn the coasters right side out.


From there, fold the open edges in and do a top stitch all along the edges so that the fabric lies flat.

Here's how my coasters turned out:


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