Friday, November 19, 2010


Hello all! I'm back and ready to start sewing gifts. (I'll do another baking post soon though, here is a link to my previous coffee cup tutorial). I'll be sewing/crafting gifts for my Mom, Oma, Aunt E, friend Ashley and boyfriend, as well as making smaller gifts for friends and teachers. I always lean towards the (over) ambitious side, so, I give you a list of possible gifts.

-hand knit scarves and hats
-wristlet/clutch purses
-big purses with matching makeup bag/coin purse
-pajamas and robes
-zip hoodie, either handsewn or refashioned
-loose fitting, season friendly cardigan
-homemade jams and cookies
-photos with handmade frames

I have been browsing patterns, here are a few I like based off gift potential and good reviews on

McCall's 5534, for the adorable hooded robe

Simplicity 2560, very simple and cute cardigans. My mom would love view A.

Simplicity 2357, views A and B

McCall's 6089, oversized clutch bags with tassels. This one is high on my list because there is lots of room for embellishment and personalization - both of which are important in a gift!

McCall's 6046, two very stylish bag shapes with embellishment options. 

I've had a lot of success with McCall's bag patterns in the past, namely 5599, so I'm leaning more towards the McCalls bag option than the Simplicity one. Ideally I will find and make one of the purses, decide it's a fabulous pattern, and cut out several more. I'd especially like to make coordinating makeup bags to go inside, so I will have more to fill with lovely fresh cut soaps and products from Lush (I work there, so my opinion is biased, but I get a discount :)

I would love input on fabrics, quick construction, or a hoodie pattern recommendation. Knit scarf or hat pattern suggestions would be lovely as well! 

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