Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazy 9-patch Quilt

Hi everyone.
My name is Suzanne and I have been sewing forever.
I usually make clothing and art quilts,
but I beginning to learn to knit and crochet too.
Need a quick and easy quilt project
that anyone who can sew a straight seam can do?
Try a simple crazy 9-patch block pattern, because
One: it's fast and easy
Two: it uses up scrap fabric really quickly and
Three: You can't mess it up beacuse
you do not match up your seams!
I took some photos to help explain:

Gather a minimum of 9 different fabrics in your choice of color.
It's nice if you have a few extra fabric selections to add here and there.

Cut a square of each fabric (same size).
Tip: the larger the beginning square the larger you final square will turn out.
I started with 12" inch squares-
When finished and trimmed they will be about 10.5".

Stack your squares in a neat even stack
Tip:You have to keep your squares in the stack in the same fabric order
throughout the cutting/sewing process or this method will not work for you!

Make your first cut at whatever angle you would like.
Having a super sharp rotary cutter is very helpful since you are cutting thru 9 layers
Remember: You have to keep the stack on the left side in order at all times!
Take the top piece of the right stack-move in to the bottom the the stack
Now sew a right stack piece to a left stack piece
Press seams towards outside edge of block.

Return pressed stack to cutting board, keeping it in order,
The side you just sewed should be on the the left side,
Make another long angled cut on the right side of the stack.
This time, remove the top 2 piece of the right stack
and place them on the bottom of the right stack
(the photo above shows I have rotated the 2 piece to the bottom)
Sew a right and left stack piece to each other
remembering to press the seams to the outside of the block.

Third cut is made after the stack is positioned with the
1st sewn piece at the top and the
2nd sewn piece on the bottom.
Make your right side cut again,
moving the top 3 pieces to the bottom of the stack.
Sew a right to a left side piece-press seams outward

For you last cut, position the square stack,
making your final long angled cut down the right side.
Move the top 6 right pieces to the bottom of the stack.
Sew a right and left piece together-press seams outward

If you kept your stack in the same order thru out the sewing process
you should have 9 blocks made up of the 9 different fabrics.

Trim up your blocks to your desired size and
join into a quilt of your desired size

I have not trimmed my blocks yet,
but laid out 3 blocks by 4 blocks so you could see what it looked like.

This would be a great quick pattern for
a baby quilt in fun children's prints
or a King sized quilt made out of your leftovers.

Thanks and enjoy!

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