Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aussie Christmas Applique

Hi again, it’s Cyd here.  I have been attempting my first applique project for Hero Boy.  I wanted to make some daggy Colin Firth style knitted Christmas jumpers...

...but I’m not that good at knitting yet and I don’t have that much time, with all the vintage style aprons I’m planning on making. 

Last year my Aunt gave me some Australian  Christmas colouring in books for Krimbo.  I have taken two of these cute pics and turned them into potential dagorama!! 

A Christmas Celebration t-shirt for Hero Boy. 

For Hero Boy to wear under his flight suit on Christmas day... you'll just be able to see the koala.

I’m so in love with them.  I just hope I don’t ruin them with my stitching.  Wish me luck.

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